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We have a team of professionals that will ensure the success of your project from start to finish whether its within Australia or overseas


Middle East
Our capabilities include extensive experience of conducting projects in the Middle East and we have partners in Saudi Arabia and the UAE that we work with to mobilise and complete projects on time and with minimal input required from the client.


Supply of Reef Balls

Purchase Reef Balls directly from us. We can organise delivery to you anywhere in Australia.  We can even setup programs where you or your group participate in their construction - a very rewarding and fun experience and ideal for sporting groups, schools, resorts, conservation organisations etc.

Reef Ball Australia operates a full time manufacturing facility just outside of Sydney and has its head office in Melbourne. 

RBA would like to acknowledge the quality service and support provided by BORAL Concrete and Halls Transport in the production and delivery of Reef Balls.


Site assessment

There are 9 key parameters we assess when selecting an artificial reef site. Our extensive experience in establishing reefs in a range of different environments is a major factor in ensuring the reef is located correctly.

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Reef Ball Australia
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Reef design

The intended function, funding, location, and available equipment must all be considered in the design of your reef.  It is definitely possible to design a 'better' reef.

Do you want more lobster? Grouper? Snapper? Oysters? Corals? Octopuses? Abalone? Educational plaques? Or specific life stage of a target species? Or do you want to offset environmental impacts?

We work with you to design a reef that meets your requirements and this can include innovative and value adding features to maximise benefits gained.
We use our extensive experience to select the most suitable location, height, volume, configuration, overal size, and variety of Reef Balls used.

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Assistance with permits & approvals

We provide professional advice and assistance with all your permit applications including grant applications. We understand the permit/grant process and how to prepare submissions. In our experience it is important to meet with the relevant authorities and we can do this on your behalf or with you.

Environmental offsets - it is becoming increasingly common for environmental authorities to request environmental offsets for impacts that will or may occur due to a development/project. We can work with you as well as the relevant authority and key stakeholders to design a mutually agreeable offset program that allows you to obtain approvals/permits.

Eg. The poster paper below summarises the coral relocation we conducted as required by the client's permit for a dredging project in Saudi Arabia .

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You can choose to deploy the Reef Balls yourself or we can assist as required or manage the whole operation. 
Coral Reef Restoration

Reef Ball Australia can provide a fully trained coral team to relocate and/or propagate imperiled soft and hard corals. Corals are cemented onto Reef Balls (or natural substrate) using a variety of techniques. We have developed techniques, tools and adhesives over many years and projects and can now consistently achieve high survival rates. For example a typical coral team can transplant around 500 fragments per day and we have transplanted 15 tonnes of coral in one project alone.

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We encourage all artificial reef programs to include a monitoring program. Monitoring may be a requirement of the reef permit and can be undertaken by those involved such as companies, individuals, community groups, volunteers, students, or guests of the resort.  This creates a greater sense of ownership, greater understanding and respect, valuable data for scientists, and feedback on design effectiveness which can be used for future expansion. 

We can prepare a suitable monitoring program for you including training and supporting materials. We can also conduct the monitoring using the latest technology and techniques. 

Memorial Reefs
The end of one life can be the start of thousands more. Our memorial 'Rest-In-Reef' program allows you to purchase a unique reef unit that is deployed in the sea to provide habitat and food for thousands of different marine animals including corals.

Its a legacy of a loved one that goes on giving back to the sea we love for centuries.

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