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Reef Ball Australia successfully conducts projects within Australia and overseas, and welcomes any size project for marine or freshwater applications

Over 3,500 Reef Balls now deployed in Australia!

Qatar - reef constructed for the new port
Reef Arabia, our partner company in Bahrain has won the contract to supply and deploy over 600 Reef Balls in a range of different sizes in order to create a productive reef as part of the new Doha port and naval base mitigation plan.

The Reef Balls are made in Bahrain and transported by barge to the site in Qatar. Reef Arabia is able to deliver Reef Balls by truck or barge throughout the Gulf or setup production closer to the project site.

Canberra Freshwater Habitat Enhancement
Native fish habitat enhanced in Canberra lake using 48 Reef Balls of 3 different sizes.

The Capital Region Fishing Alliance (CRFA) deployed 48 Reef Balls from the shore in order to provide habitat for murray cod and golden perch in Yerrabi Pond.

Excellent initiative and demonstration how Reef Balls are effective in freshwater as well as saltwater. Read full article below.

Australia's first satellite fishing reefs around public fishing jetties
Fisheries Victoria deployed satellite reefs of 90 Reef Balls each just off fishing jetties in Port Phillip Bay. The jetties that received the reefs are Port Arlington, Altona and Frankston pier.

The reefs are around 40m out and curve in an arc.

For more information, checkout the Fisheries Victoria link below or contact us. And don't forget, RB's are also effective at enhancing habitat underneath jetties as well.

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Our capabilities include extensive experience of conducting projects in the Middle East and we have partners in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE that we work with to mobilise and complete projects on time and with minimal input required from the client.

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Photo shows the Reef Arabia stockpile of Reef Balls in Bahrain.

Reef Ball Australia was contracted to train and setup the Reef Ball construction facility of 'Reef Arabia', a new artificial reef company established in Bahrain. Reef Arabia is now able to supply Reef Balls ranging in size from 60kg to 3,000kg as well as several custom designs for the Arabian Gulf.

DHL Sponsors Reef Balls

The DHL Bahrain office is sponsoring Reef Balls as part of their corporate social responsibility program. The team even got involved in making them and then had a great time diving on them in July 2013.

An excellent demonstration of DHL's mission to make a positive contribution to the world. Their gift will now generate fish for Bahrain for 100's of years. A great return on investment!
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Moreton Bay Marine Park Fishing Reefs - Queensland
224 Pallet Balls (750kg ea) were added in May-June 2013 to the existing 117 Reef Balls (3 sizes, 180-800kg) deployed in December 2010 by DERM just west of Peel Island and 78 added in March 2011 (2 sizes, 270-750 kg) deployed east of Coochiemudlo Island in the Moreton Bay Marine Park as part of the Government's commitment to establish six artificial reefs to increase recreational fishing spots.

See the link below for maps of the Reef Ball rec fishing reefs.

Reef Balls to enhance private jetty - Victoria
Reef Balls are ideally suited to enhancing jetties and bring more fish and other marine life to the area. They can be placed under the jetty and as satellite reefs just out of casting distance from the jetty.

As a small trial, 5 Bay Balls were deployed in July under a private jetty in Gippsland Lakes, Victoria.

Permits are generally straight forward for jetty deployments as the seabed under the jetty is approved for man made structures.

Enhance the fishing at your local jetty or private dock! We'll help you with the application process.

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Mitigation Plan for Shipping Channel Dredging - Saudi Arabia
Client: Saudi Aramco and the Dow Chemical Company

A $28b refinery project required a new 13km shipping channel to be dredged. Reef Ball Australia was contracted to survey the area and prepare a 'Coral and Marine Environment Preservation Plan'.

Mitigation strategies were designed and costed and included relocation of high priority coral species, construction of designed artificial reefs, enhancement of rock breakwaters and installation of silt curtains.
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Moving Coral out of a Dredge Zone - Saudi Arabia


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Creating fishing hot spots - New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland
Reef Balls have now been effectively used as a tool to help manage and enhance recreational fishing in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

New South Wales has deployed over 2,000 Reef Balls in five estuaries to increase fishing hot spots. The results have exceeded expectations and the reefs support greater abundance and diversity than nearby natural reefs.

Victoria has constructed three recreational fishing reefs in Port Phillip Bay, specifically designed to support snapper and results are very positive. In November 2010 a record 12.3kg snapper was caught on one of the reefs!

Queensland is using Reef Balls as part of its program to provide additional fishing spots within the Moreton Bay Marine Park and to compensate fishers for areas that have been declared no-take zones.

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Striped trumpeter. Photo: NSW DPI
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Mini Bay Balls (150kg) after 12 months in Botany Bay, New South Wales Australia. Photo: NSW Industry & Investment

Enhancing Canal Estates - Western Australia
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Dive Trail with a difference - Queensland


Multi-purpose breakwater and coral relocation - Antigua
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Gold mine creates reefs - North Sulawesi


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Breakwater saves Turtle Island - Sabah
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Breakwater installation. Photo: Lee Harris
Grouper and coral transplantation for private island - UAE
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Octopus Gardens - Cyprus
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ian jones 12kg snapper 2010
Record 12.3kg snapper caught on one of the Victorian Reef Ball recreational fishing reefs.

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Volunteers participate in monitoring the new multipurpose breakwater, Antigua
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Members of local fishing group get stuck and help with setting up of moulds, Western Australia


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Transplanted corals from dredge area, relocated onto multi-purpose breakwater, Antigua


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Grouper on Reef Ball a few weeks after deployment, UAE