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To make a positive the Environment, our Staff, Clients and our Suppliers



Reef Ball Australia is the sole Australian company licensed by the Reef Ball Foundation to supply Reef Balls to Australia, New Zealand and surrounding territories. Manufacture of the Reef Balls is currently at our Sydney site and head office is in Melbourne. We supply Reef Balls interstate or setup constructions sites as required for projects.

Reef Ball Australia draws on a broad expertise and a wide network of specialists within Australia and overseas, including engineers, scientists, environmental consultants and construction professionals.

David Lennon


David started constructing reefs in 1991 and studying the effectiveness of different materials and structures. He has been a consultant on Reef Ball projects around the world since becoming the authorised Australian Reef Ball contractor in 1997. He holds a degree in Oceanographic Technology from Florida Institute of Technology in the USA and an MSc in Environmental Management from Griffith University in Queensland. He trained under A/Professor Lee Harris, who is recognised as a world leader in submerged breakwater design.

David started his career as a commercial diver, then scuba instructor. He has since worked as a marine consultant on artificial reef and other projects in the USA, the Middle East, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Cyprus and Australia. He has managed large and diverse projects, from a UN funded study of the impact of the first Gulf War on surrounding coral reefs, establishing a fishing resource in a mining area in North Sulawesi to enhancement of estuaries using Reef Balls.

His main interests include promoting 'better design below the waterline' in coastal developments, restoration of impacted reefs and other environments, and the use of innovative technologies such as underwater webcams to enhance monitoring and understanding of underwater systems.

David has worked with NGOs, government agencies, research institutes and universities, major consultancies and industry and has been on the management committee of a number of environmental and community organisations. He has produced a wide range of publications on environmental topics and is an experienced presenter and trainer.

Larry Stricker

Construction Manager

Larry manages Reef Ball Australia's construction plant in Sydney and has constructed over 1000 Reef Balls for projects such as the NSW Department of Primary Industry's estuary enhancement program and the VIC DPI Recreational Fishing Reef program.

Larry also assists with fieldwork and setting up of new construction sites and recently was a key team member of the first coral rescue ever conducted in Saudi Arabia where we rescued over 500 coral colonies from a dredge zone.

He has also worked for New South Wales Fisheries constructing their fish-aggregating devices (FADs) and monitoring the catches in shark control nets.

He has surfed competitively and in his spare time can be found surfing somewhere along the East Coast. 

Tommy Mulder

Tommy is second in charge at the Sydney construction site and manages the operation while Larry is away on projects.

Tommy grew up with the ocean, is a free surfer regularly competing in surf comps and has an overal respect for the ocean and desire to give back what he can. 



Abdulsalam Al-Abdulsalam - Gothier Group
Abdulsalam is our key partner in Saudi Arabia, providing essential logistics support, equipment, labour and diving services.



The Coral Rescue Team...

Here's the main team that conducted the coral relocation in Saudi Arabia.

Doug Hollingsworth, Dave Lennon, Robbie Duke, John Walch, Ben Chisholm

Mike Naugle, Abdulsalam Al-Abdulsalam, Larry Stricker 






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Reef Ball Australia

David Lennon
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It all started in 1967 (no one told me a spade is not a very good snorkel and took me ten years to get a real one).

Member: Social Enterprise Alliance, Marine Education Society Australasia (MESA), Australian Society of Fish Biology (ASFB), Australian Marine Environment Protection Assoc (AUSMEPA).









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